Brands of food...

by Lynn
(Waldorf, Md.)

Hi ... I was in our local petco in Maryland and was wondering if you know anything about the food by: Brown's? It is called "Tropical Carnival" - 14lbs. for $65.00 and offers a variety of dried fruits,veggies, peppers, and nuts. It is considered by the maker/distributor Brown's, to be a type of gourmet food and treat.

Usually, I give Harrison's or Lafeber's products and thought I might try this product; but, I don't know if it is of good quality brand or if it is worth the money? I am always looking for new things to try along with the pellets for variety. I have both a Blue Throated Macaw and a Blue and Gold Macaw. Your input would be appreciated.

Thanks, Lynn of So.MD

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Mar 15, 2012
Brands of Food...
by: Lynn

Thanks for your advice ... I will certainly read your article and check the ingredients.

Mar 13, 2012
Brands of food for parrots
by: Tracie

It is probably better than Lefebers, just about anything is better than that brand. Please read my Parrot's Health article to see if any of the toxic ingredients listed there are listed on the Brown's package.

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