Braveheart the Red Belly

by Linda
(Palmdale, CA, USA)

I have a new 8-month-old red belly parrot named Braveheart. He likes to perch on my shoulder and seems quite comfortable. The only problem is he sits backwards, with his rear-end to my face -- not this best view of my new friend. Why does he do this? Is he turning his back on me? How do I teach him to turn around? Or should I just get used to this? Thank you in advance for your response.

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May 22, 2008
Bird facing backwards on shoulder
by: Tracie

Hello Linda,

Our birds face all kinds of directions, depending on what they want to see. Also, if you have on makeup or something that smells on the front of you, it may turn around to get away from the smell.

I am sorry I can not be more help. Birds are just the way they are sometimes.

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