breaking egg

by mark

I have a breeding pair of rossell parrots they have breed successfully for me. But this time she has layed 3 egg but they have broke 2 of them so far could any body tell me is there something im doing wrong this time or is this something that happens and why that would be this is second time breeding so i dont have that much experience

thanking you for reading this and for any advice that can be given



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Dec 24, 2009
thank you linda
by: mark

thanks for your reply

Dec 22, 2009
breaking egg
by: Linda

Hi Mark. Has anything been changed in the bird room? Even minor changes can cause the bird's much distress. Like moving a cage from one place to another or adding a cage or something we think of as small. ANY CHANGES in bird room once the birds have bred and are laying, will cause all manor of problems including breaking eggs and/or killing babies once they are hatched.

The eggs may be infertile, and that is why they are breaking them. Take out the last one and the other two and throw them away. If you have changed anything in the bird room, take nestbox away and allow them to get used to anything new before trying to breed again. Also, breed no more that twice a year at the most and once is best. Constant breeding wears the birds out, and they will get sick and/or kill their babies or break the eggs. So, the best breeding program is no more than once a year for your bird's health and well being.

Yes, a lot of people breed a lot more than that, and they are wearing their hens out to the point where they will be sick. Birds, like other animals, need not be bred just because we can, but bred for producing the healthiest chicks while keeping the parents, especially the hen, in great condition.

Your birds may be sick, so you may need to take them to an Avian Vet for a checkup. All breeders should be taken for a checkup BEFORE breeding them to make sure they are free of bacterial infections or parasites.


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