breaking eggs

by dave
(liverpool uk)

i have a breeding pair of african greys , they laid 1st egg 14th dec 2010 , 2nd egg 19th and 3rd egg 22nd , today i found that 2 of the eggs ahve large holes in them , i can see this from the nestbox camera , i dont disturb the birds , only enter the shed when feeding , i watch from my cameras and male is feeding the hen all the time , and even though the eggs have holes in ( i can see empty shell ) she still sits on them , can you explain to me the best you can why this happens

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Jan 08, 2011
Bird sits on broken eggs
by: The Avian Vet

Instinct and hormones. If you immediately pull the eggs, she will lay more. If you leave them in, she will sit on them until, either they hatch (which of course they will not) or until they are supposed to hatch and the she will abandon them, which generally takes about 30 days before she gives up.

The real question is ? why did they get holes? Well, their nails may be too long or sharp; they may have a nest box that is too small; the may not have enough nesting material or the right kind of nesting material. They could also have been disturbed when entering the room and they could jump down into the box and damage the eggs.

Dr B

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