hi there. In the past few weeks i have noticed when one of my indian ringnecks lands on my shoulder i can here a wheezing in my ear. Now since i have taken notice i have also noticed that she every now and then she will sit there open her mouth a little and her tail will bob this happens for a few seconds.

i was wondering if this is usual a sign of something wrong with the lungs cause sadly when i first got my babies i used to let my boyfriend smoke in the room with them i was always very concerned and my instincts kicked in and he now smokes outside. with all of this said is there anything i can do to help and if taken to the avian vet can they do anything to help her. thank you - kayla

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Jan 08, 2009
Indian Ringneck breathing
by: The Vet

This is an indication that something is wrong. The smoking is probably the culprit for these symptoms. However, other causes or contributors could be involved.

You should take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian for a complete work up and x-rays. Birds should see their Dr at least one a year for check ups and vaccines. A good avian veterinarian will be able to help.

Dr. B

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