breeding a Meyer's and a Sun?

Hi there
I have a meyers parrot and a sun conure, they have recently layed an egg, can you tell me if they can mate and recommended breeding conditions
Many thanks

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Apr 01, 2008
No, Meyer's and Sun can't breed
by: Tracie

This is another post from another bird expert. Just as Joanie Doss said, the birds need to be from the same area / family.

LOL, folks there is a species problem here, Meyers are African and Suns are South American-can not happen. The Teil and Too are of the same family.

Bob W

Check it out, new and improving:

Apr 01, 2008
Can different species breed with each other?
by: Tracie

Since this is not a health related question, I will move it to the Parrot Questions eventually. I asked your question on a couple of bird lists that I am on, and one expert gave this answer...

It is possible. Not too long ago a chick hatched
that was a cross between a Cockatiel and a Rose
Breasted Cockatoo.

It probably won't happen but you never know.
There have been reported cases of other
species crossing so who knows? The crosses
have generally been between species that come
from the same continent.

Joanie Doss
The Amazing Amazons

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