breeding albino lovebirds (red eyed)

by yashwanth
(Tamil nadu)


I just bought 2 pairs of red eyed (albino) lovebirds, one of the pair is white coloured all over the body, and the other pair has a little yellowish colour.both in a pair have the same colour, i already have 3 successful pairs of lovies which hatched eggs recently and produced fine lovies, the question is that many say that two albino (red eyed)lovebirds should not be allowed to pair and not to be allowed to breed and lay eggs, if so they produce weak babies! is that true? and what is the reason and solution?

I have the 2 pairs of albinos in a separate cage and I have not put them in the cage where all the other birds are kept. Am I not supposed to breed 2 albinos(red eyed)?

Or am I supposed to put all the birds together and allow them to pair for themselves?? I am afraid because all the other birds(ordinary) are in a pair, and if these are put in the same cage the pair may be broken!

please help me out, cuz i am very interested to raise them properly, without creating harm to them as well as i don want the babies to die.



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Dec 22, 2011
by: yashwanth


I have to add certain things to you, which I forgot to write it in the last post, I told u about the babies which hatched out of the successful pair, about 4 in the last clutch(I am not sure of their sex's), they are about a month old now, is that okie if these albino's are let to pair with them and they are bred? (as far as I can see the albino's are also younger),the babies are from normal bird's with no defects visibly(both in their parents and the young one's)! if so shall I put them in the same cage they are in now and allow them to pair?

thanks for the reply Linda :)

Dec 20, 2011
breeding albino lovebirds (red eyed)
by: Linda
The above link is to a set of articles about beginning genetics which will help to answer your questions. The breeding you are talking about in NOT a good breeding because albino to albino is putting too many recessive genes together which will in turn produce unhealthy babies. Some of the problems you may see are birth defects both mentally and physically. These can show as physical birth defects both inside and outside body and mental defects that will show as possible extreme aggression or other forms of mental illness. Again, this is not a recommended breeding plan.

If you can take one each of the albino's back and trade for normal green lovebirds, this would be a much better stronger, genetic breeding. You will understand more of what you will get from this type of breeding after you have printed out and studied the articles on genetics.

Thanks for writing and wish you'd written sooner as it would have saved your birds the stress of being moved twice.


Dec 20, 2011
breeding albino lovebirds (red eyed)
by: Anonymous

I hope someone can answer your question.
I have Cockatiels same problem as you & I can't put them together as they have bald patches behind the crest's as well if these were to breed together then the chicks could well have bald heads!I don't want to take the chance.

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