breeding amazon and eclectus

by debbie

Can a Red Lored Amazon and an Eclectus Parrot successfully breed together?

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May 30, 2011
nothing is impossible
by: Anonymous

It has been noted & proven that some different parrot species have bred together successfully. These chicks however have been infertile. It also happens in wild parrots in Australia however many of them are of the similar species (different cockatoos & different rosellas commonly breed together). We have also had some other different species breed together. These have been done by accident in aviaries & because the breeders were commonly told that it's impossible for this to happen. So, it is not impossible.

It is however not acceptable. Especially something like an eclectus & amazon. This sort of breeding is frowned upon in the avian world & if it something that is done to make money you may not have much luck. If they successfully breed together you will have sterile chicks. This is why it is so unsuccessful that this sort of thing happens.

May 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Guess again!! Much success in breeding several breeds of birds!! I needed to prove to another breeder that these birds cannot be bred, so thank you.

May 27, 2011
breeding amazon and eclectus
by: Linda

These two birds are entirely different species from different countries, and no you cannot breed birds of different species as they are unable to breed. This is nature's way of protecting the world against monsters.

May I kindly suggest you start studying your birds, their species and learn all about their behaviors, their physiological makeup and their physical needs. Some study on genetics would also be very helpful before you breed anything from dogs to parrots. You are not anywhere close to being able to successfully breed any kind of birds.

Thanks for writing,

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