breeding amazons

by dawn delval
(san leandro ca)

Can you breed a blue crownd amazon with a red speckeld amazon together

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Sep 03, 2011
breeding amazons
by: Linda

It may be physically possible depending on sizes of birds. If the BlueFront is larger than the other one, then it would not be a good idea.

The main issue is breeding hybrids pollutes the gene pool for both types of birds, and this is a cause for concern.

Someday, we are all hoping to be able to put some of the parrot species back into the wild, and if there are too many hybrids, we cannot do this. Hybrids are not natural, and in nature, birds stay with flocks just like them and only breed with same type of bird. This is nature's way of protecting the genetic material of each species for the generations to come.

So, though it may be possible to breed these two birds, it is not recommended because of the negative impact it has on the birds' offspring.

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