breeding and eating eggs

by Kristy
(grove ok)

Why did my cockatiels lay an egg then ate the egg and then laid another egg ...I've never seen this before

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Sep 12, 2011
breeding and eating eggs
by: Linda

Please do not allow your birds to eat the contents of the eggs. Infertile eggs go rancid just like leaving a chicken egg out on the counter for hours and then eating it. It would make us sick, and birds can die from this poisoning if egg is rancid.

I lost a Cockatiel hen in this way, and once the toxin hits the central nervous system, there is nothing to do but watch in horror as the bird dies in agony and pain. So, take care this does not happen here. I was raising Cockies in the 70's before Avian Vets and pellets and all, so it taught me a cruel and painful lesson.

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