breeding different species

by Vicki
(New Zealand)

We have a rainbow lori and a sun conure - last night our lori laid her first egg. Although she lost interest in it this morning and we know it won't hatch - is it possible in future with all due care we could get a mixed chick?

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Jul 01, 2011
breeding different species
by: Linda

Sorry, different species of the same size may be able to have sex, but there will never be any young coming from such a union. Different species cannot produce young.

Actually, it is not a good idea to mix up same species with what is called Hybrids. These birds are wildcards and can have physical, mental and emotional problems that may or may not show up right away. It is better for the gene pool if unrelated same species birds are bred together. This means no brothers and sisters, mothers and sons or fathers and daughters should be bred as this is called inbreeding and will produce horrors beyond your imaginings.

Your question was a good one, so please don't feel awkward. The ONLY dumb question is the one not asked when it should have been. Take Care,

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