breeding lovebirds

by Tom S
(Coram NY)

I just bought a pair of Fischer's lovebirds. Can I successfully breed them in a studio apartment? thanks.

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Dec 14, 2009
breeding lovebirds
by: Linda

Well, I guess my first question will be WHY DO YOU WANT TO BREED THEM? The market is flooded with parrots of all species and sizes, and a lot of them end up in neglectful/abusive homes with people who should not have them in the first place. THERE IS NO MONEY IN BREEDING BIRDS, though some think there is. If you take care of them, there is no money. Breeding birds need a large flight cage/breeding cage set up with a door for the nestbox that can be left closed or opened up to hang the box. You'll need to price these out, because that will be your first expense.

Breeding birds also need to be eating a high quality, organic pelleted diet and not just seeds. If you don't provide the right kind of food, the babies will be weak and sickly. You will also need to weigh the babies every day. If one does not gain weight every day, then they are all sick and will need to go to Avian vet for exam and meds. The parents will need to see an Avian vet BEFORE breeding cage is set up to make sure they are healthy.

I've lived in a studio apartment, and I say that you do not have the room for a large enough cage and possibly the time to do and learn all you need to know before embarking on such a project. Once the babies are fledged, you'll need another large cage to put them in and/or a good home for them.Good homes are very, very hard to find, so do more study before you bring innocent babies into a world where they will be neglected and abused.

My suggestion is to enjoy your birds, learn all you can about them and make sure you have the money and time before you even think of breeding them anywhere.

Thanks for writing,

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