breeding pair of african greys

by chris
(palmetto ,Fl)

I just purchased a pair of Congo African greys. The gentleman told me she just laid 4 eggs last week. After he said that he reached into the cage and grabbed the female out and handed her to me. Shouldn't the female be bonded to the male bird only and not want any part of humans?

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Feb 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

May I ask what your intentions are for breeding these birds? If you just see your new birds as a "money factory", you are wrong.. More like a money pit!! I have an African Grey female and I am ashamed of people who think that they need no human contact. WE are the ones who took them out of their natural habitat and expect them to just be OK with that and massly breed just for money... Give me a break. They are loving and intelligent creatures and are more than just for breeding purposes. If we took them out of their wild and native home it is now our responsibility to treat them right. This means a healthy diet of natural pellets and daily fruits and veggies. Any new bird must be brought to an avian vet to make sure they are even healthy enough for breeding. Once babies are hatched, one must know how to hand feed/how much/how often etc. Just in case parents refuse the care. Then babies too have to be brought for check ups. Only GREAT breeders will put all the money they earn into the care and health of their birds . A great breeder should blood test all their birds for Beak and Feather Disease and swab for Chlamydia. That way they have a clean bill of health. And anyone who is typically looking for an African Grey is looking for a companion, so human exposure is a must to ensure confidence in a young baby. So being a breeder is more manual work and money than profit. Just things to think about. I hope you are in it for the right reasons and do not neglect these intelligent creatures of human contact. In my opinion, they thrive off of it once they are in our care.

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