Breeding Pair of Red Rump Parakeets

by Christopher

I recently bought a bonded pair of Red Rumps. The previous owner said he would see them mate all the time, and the hen would even lay eggs but he never put a nest box in there for them so they never got to the point of having young. Once I had them at home, i went out and got a nice size nest box for them(according to what Ive read its the right size)with a concave bottom. I also placed lots of fine ASPEN shavings in there for her.

Thing is, she will empty basically ALL of the shavings out of the nest. I would replace it, and as soon as i put it in there she would hop back in and start emptying it out.
Two days ago she started laying, we have two eggs at the moment and shes still goin. Her nest has almost nothing in it.

My question is, should I place more nesting material in for her? I dont want to scare her away from the nest, but I dont want her to not correctly incubate her eggs either. Im very excited about that fact we may have some babies on the way and I just want to help them be good parents. I dont have an incubator so I cant take care of the eggs myself.

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Feb 22, 2018
Red rumps
by: Carlos

Hi I have a pair of red rumps and today female laid an egg but later the male or female eat the egg any help pls what can I do I will separate male from female?

Jan 23, 2017
Female left without male
by: Lilly

My female red rump has laid 2 eggs, now the male has fliwn away, will she continue incubating and hatch theseceggs or leave them? Will she accept a new male?

Mar 04, 2016

no dear dont distrub it now

Aug 11, 2013
Breeding red rumped
by: caleb

on America the breed 2 time a year January and may.

Apr 26, 2013
breeding time?
by: Anonymous

Hi everybody,can anyone tell me when do Red Rumps start to breed? i live in South Africa and we going in for winter?i have my couple for te last 2 months!!!don`t really know much about them!!please help
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Mar 15, 2013
red rumped parakeets
by: lorraine

hi i have a very young pair of red rumped parakeets the hen has laid 5 eggs on the bottom of the cage and has been sitting on some of them for more than 19 days how long should we leave them if they dont hatch as we are not sure on the exact days she laid them, they have both been very tentive to these eggs he keeps feeding the hen alson if she moves a little of the eggs he lets her know she has to stay there they are amaizing to watch but not sure if these eggs are fertile, the eggs started of very light in colour and are now quite dark.

Feb 06, 2013
My breeding pair are fighting why??
by: Anonymous

Hi can someone help me. I have a breeding pair of red rumps any fine just resantly they have been attacking each other. Mostly the male to the female. Sometimes wen there in the same spot. Or just in the cage why r they attacking each other??

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Nov 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

We have a breeding pair of red rumps, the female has 2 eggs at the moment that are due to hatch in about 10 days. Since ysterday our cock has been going into the nestbox all the time, and often pushes the hen out, follows her out, then when she goes back in he follows her in. Is this normal and if not how can we stop it?

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Dec 26, 2011
raising baby birds
by: Anonymous

ihave a pair of red rumps they have laid their first egg i need to know what to feed the pair for the babys i do not want to hand feed these first one so what do i do as far as food.

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Aug 21, 2011
by: Andrew

i have bred major mitchels,bugies finches i bought a pair of red rumps the male is fantastic he has red all through his fethers except the chest(breast)had them mabye 2 months i made the nesting box 9"by 18" put some leaves a bit of a feather and grass in there she has laid 5 eggs 4 were fertile i have two beautiful cock birds and two hens so am reall happy, and i also feed them on the floor of avery they love silverbeet, and apples. thankyou for your time

May 06, 2011
problems with breeding
by: Annabelle

i have a pair of redrumps,i ve been having them for about 2 months.i ve bought a breeding box for them and i bought in some peet.they come in and out of the box but never laid any eggs.the cage is in my kitchen window do you think that this is the problem may be they doesn t have enough privacy?

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Jun 06, 2010
Redrump breeding
by: Paul

I expect by now, provided your eggs were firtile you already have a nest full of youngsters, I hope so. I have just had two Redrump chicks come out of the nest, but unfortunately one died. It was a beautiful bird fully feathered and full of colour.

My hen laid on wood chippings without any problem and even now the nest iside is spotless. I used the normal type of nestbox with a lift off lid. I placed it as high as possible but leaving room for the cock bird to sit on top when he fancied doing so. To avoid unecessary disturbance I use a mirror and just lift the lid a little to ensure she was alive and doing OK. It was some days before I could see how many eggs and later how many chicks she had, but patience is the name of the game.

I wish you every success and hope this helps.

May 02, 2010
That's not a big deal
by: Affan

well you shouldn't be worried about that..the hen might not be comfortable with the nesting material..It's okay if she has laid them in an empty nest-box..Don't shake her the nest-box and everything will go fine and you'll have their babies sooner than later :)

Apr 11, 2010
red rumps
by: Anonymous

Hello we brought a pair of rumps from our local pet shop and a week later she laid an egg on the floor so we put a next box in and she carried on to lay another 5 i used straw, sawdust and shredded paper and she seems happy enough we now have 2 hatched babys and are just waiting for the rest to hatch its lovely hearing there little chirps from the box they are doing so well

Jan 28, 2010
Please help me (

Hello Sir
i m from Pakistan ,Lahore i have some rossilla, red and lutino rumped parakeet some black check finches , some sun cannior , some cocktails, and some love birds, sir i have some proploms with my birds all my these birds expect cocktail all birds did not feed their babies for last 2 years plz tell me about this i m very upset for this i cannot hand feed babies mores because i still study and doing a job so i m very up set plz tell me and help me for my this problom
thanking you

best regarded

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Aug 08, 2009
by: Beth

Aspen and fine wood shavings are no good. Coarse wood shavings are better. also you can use shred newspaper hay or other soft material, just make it available they will pick and choose what they want.

You need something in there to absorb the waste when the young hatch. Its also good to beef up the food types; try fruit, grit in the seed is good, sprouted seed gives vitamins important during egg laying

Nov 14, 2008


May 02, 2008
Breeding question
by: Tracie

Hello Christopher,

How exciting that they are sitting on eggs! I am not sure how many breeders will see your question and help you out. You should consider joining a Yahoo group for breeders and get some help from them.

If you have success, be sure and fill out the Suggest a Breeder Form so people can find you.

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