breeding question

by eric
(ville platte la.usa)

yesterday my female invited my male to breed her but he didnt whats wrong is my male too inexperenced

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Aug 05, 2011
breeding question
by: Linda

You didn't say how old either of them are. If they are larger parrots, hen has to be at least 2 years old to be able to lay eggs without having problems, and male can be as soon as he is ready but not before a year or so.

You have to take both of them to an Avian Vet BEFORE breeding anyway to make sure they are infection free as they will pass anything they have onto their babies, and the babies have no immune systems and will die.

I recommend a trip to avian vet with both of them before any serious breeding.

Also, they will breed when they are ready, and it is out of your hands. Maybe the male is sick with an infection and will feel better later or maybe both of them are too young. or maybe cage is not set up correctly. Many reasons...

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