Breeding Rainbow Lorikeets

by Amanda
(Perth WA Australia)

my rainbow lori just laid an egg (only one?!) and doesnt seem to be very interested in sitting on it. is this normal for this breed? the egg seems cold to the touch and i am concerned it will not hatch... the temperature at night here is usually close to zero and this also concerns me that the egg will certainly get too cold in our outdoor aviary (although it is obviously in a nest box with shavings/peat; and out of the wind/weather)... can anybody help?

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Aug 13, 2017
Wild lorikeets (breed)
by: Anonymous

I have a wild pair of rainbow lorikeets,
Was wondering if they would breed, mate and lay eggs and hatch?

Correct answers would be appreciated.

Jun 14, 2014
Mating my lorries
by: Anonymous

I have two rainbow lorikeets. We have had what we think is the female for about a year and she is very dependant on my attention and very playful. We got another one to keep her company and we think he is a make because he keeps dancing for her. He has tried to get on her back but she keeps rolling over out of habit of playing. I'm scared she doesn't know how to mate. Will her natural instinct kick in?

Editor's note: Make sure you have had them both checked out by an avian vet to make sure they are both ready and able to breed.

Sep 04, 2013
Help with eggs
by: Anonymous

How do I know if the two eggs have hatched ? The last time I checked the box was about three weeks ago. The female is very aggressive and mean towards the male and me.

Oct 04, 2012
My bird was bonded but got separated
by: Anonymous

Hello guys I have just recently got a rainbow lorikeet. Befour I got this bird it had a partner but the guy sed to me that the other one died so he sold me this bird he thinks it might be pregnant I have no idear what to do. Does my bird need a partner if it lays eggs. The guy sed to me that the other raimbow lorikeet befour it died was skinny conpared to the one I have now that's y he thinks it my be pregnant and of cause he had male and female male died. I dont no what to do I have tried to look it up on the Internet but I simply cannot find anything. Please help any help will be great. Thanks guys I kinda need to no ASAP if possible.

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Sep 29, 2010
Is it weird?
by: Anonymous

I have 2 rainbow lorikeets and I opened the box and there was 12 fairly small white opal shaped eggs in there, now I was told they usually lay 2-4 eggs?? Is that true? Well I dont know if my lorikeets are abnormal or if there just sick. Could they have laid more than 1 bunch in 3 weeks? Sorry I'm new to it all. Has this happened to anyone else? Please help !!

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Mar 31, 2010
How large are the Lorikeet Eggs?
by: Anonymous

My daughter has a school project and choose teh Lorikeet to study. She has to build a model nest and also include eggs? I understand there are usually 1-2 eggs, and they are white oval shaped, but how large are they? Any ideas on building a model next woudl be welcome! thx!

Feb 06, 2010
Rainbow Lorikeet
by: Anonymous

Hi i have 2 paired rainbow lorikeets and 1 that is not. We have a nesting bow with soild a wood shavings. I just wanted to find out how would you no the laied an egg or if the girl is pregnant. Last night i saw one laying in the nestling bow would you which one that would be th girl or the boy. Anyway could you please reply fast.

Jan 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

We Own a few Rainbow Lorikeets and our Breeding pair had two cluthes of jast to this year then slightly after their breeding seasion had just one and I am now hand feedind it. Weird!

Aug 11, 2008
Re: rainbow Lori egg
by: Kralice4u

I raise Conures myself. It is not uncommon for a bird to lay only one egg sometimes; especially if it is a new mother. Is the father on the premisses along with the female? If so once they mate, allow him to be preseent. It is good to have a hatching box. It is not a good sign for the egg to become cold. Normally one of the parents will sit on the egg. It would be good to have an incubater, but if you do not, you must certainly keep the egg warm. I have used a heating pad in the passed. What I did was got a plastic container, filled it with corn cob, placed the egg in the center of it and then put the entire container ontop of a heating pad set on medium. Be sure not to handle the egg often. that may work. It is certainly BEST that the parents sit on the egg to keep it warm, they will know when and how to rotate it. Try making sure both parents are present and you have a hatching box. A hatching box can normally be found at your local petstore.
I hope this info helps. Good luck!

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