breeding ringnecks fighting

by andy

i bought a breeding pair of ringnecks yesterday and put them next to my other ringneck. i came back from work today and the hen from the breeding pair had been going for the cock when he went near her. is this normal? if not what can i do to stop this? thanks andy.

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Aug 27, 2011
breeding ringnecks fighting
by: Linda

You must separate the pair before one or both of them are killed. Never put strange birds into the same cage until they've had plenty of time to get to know one another from watching from the safety of their cages.

This is NOT a breeding pair, but just a pair of strange birds. If they were a bonded breeding pair, they would not be fighting like this, so get them separated into different cages immediately.

The other issue here is all birds coming from pet stores and breeders are usually alredy sick, so both these birds have to have a thorough exam done by an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area. Do this immediately because if they have a contageous disease, your other bird will also get it and require diagnosis and treatment by an Avian Vet.


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