by Belinda
(summerfield, fl)

I now have two amazons, a yellow nape (male) and an orange wing, which we think is a female. My question is can these two breed? they have become very affectionate to each other and it is cute to watch, but I don't want anything to happen to them. I had them in seperate cages but they hated it. I could not take the loud calls to each other. Thanks

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Jun 23, 2009
by: Linda

Hi! Obviously they have bonded, and that is okay for companionship purposes. Since the male is larger than the Orange Wing, DO NOT BREED THESE TWO. The Orange Wing hen may try to lay eggs that are too large for her to pass and die in the trying(not sure about this, vet would know). It is also always a wonderful idea to keep the species "pure". If you decide you'd like to breed one or the other, you'll need to get another one like the other one. Many problems can come from "hybrid" breeding involving their physical bodies as well as their mental and emotional selves. I've seen a lot of hybrid Macaws, and though they appear to be alright on the surface, are they really? In your case, your hen is just too small for the Nape, and he may actually hurt her trying to breed as males normally get on hen's back, sometimes to the side. Keep them together, and eventually, they will start to actually mate when they are older. This will cause problems. I think you should discuss this with a qualified Avian vet before you keep them together for much longer. You can also buy cages that have a partition in the middle so they can be together just not SO together. I have a large HQ(Macaw Cage)with divider for my Amazon pair as she is larger and plucks him or did in the past. I'm not taking any more chances with Eli as he is partially bare around his neck from all the plucking she did to him. They can "kiss" and touch and all that good stuff, but cannot breed or hurt or get hurt by the other one. You may wish to do this for your little Lovebird Amazons.


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