by Luke
(NSW )

Why Do rainbow lorikeets fluff their feathers up and dislay wings wide towards each other?

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Jul 13, 2009
Fluffy Birds
by: Linda

This behavior is part of the mating ritual where the birds are showing off to each other. It does not necessarily mean they are ready to breed just that they like each other and so show off their lovely bodies and feathers.

Are your birds a pair, and have they been sexed? If not then you may want to have them sexed by taking them to an Avian vet's office where they will take a little blood sample and send it off for DNA analysis.

Your birds are having fun, and if you seriously want to breed them, then you first need to have them sexed, then do a lot of study as to what all is involved in breeding birds. It can be expensive and very time consuming, so read and study about it a lot before even considering it. It is also sometimes hard to place your babies since the market is flooded with birds. Keep all this in mind as you do your study, and keep us posted on how everything is going.


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