breedin/mating indian ringneck

by ali

hi, i would like to know if we can mate a male indian ringneck parrot with a female red-breasted parakeet?

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Oct 26, 2010
breedin/mating indian ringneck
by: Linda

NO, they are two entirely different species. In future, please keep the genetics pure when considering breeding ANY birds. This means breeding same species and type to same species and type and make sure they are not related. Example GreenWing Macaws with GreenWing Macaws, Blue and Golds with Blue and Golds, etc.

Hybrids end up being weak, sickly birds who have shorter lives full of troubles. These troubles are of the emotional, mental and physical variety, and it is our responsibility to breed our birds using good common sense and highest quality ethics. A person NEVER knows what they will get when breeding hybrids, and some of the emotional/mental problems don't show up until maturity. These kinds of birds can be dangerous for families, and I highly recommend you review your motives for breeding birds. You can and will be held liable for any bodily harm caused to buyers and families by hybrids gone off their rockers. Follow closely what the parrots do in nature which is to not interbreed as it weakens all the gene pools and produces birds unable to survive.

Birds are not a genetic playground for people to play around and experiment with them like Frankenstein in his laboratory. If you are serious about breeding quality birds that people will want to buy, do your homework as to genetics before you even get started.

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