Bring my Crimson Bellied Conure outside


I often bring my conure parrot outside but I was wondering what were the limits for weather:
--> can she go in the sun or is it dangerous?

Also, we have a cottage away from the city and I would like to bring her with us as often as possible.

Do you think it's "safe" - or will it be too stressful to bring her with us each week end? (it's about 90 minutes by car).

Thank you,
Dominique (that's me)
and Kaline (our conure bird)

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Jun 18, 2009
by: Linda

As the other lady said, be careful of too much direct sunlight, and the best way for her to be outside is in a cage of some kind on a shady porch area where she can see everything. A screened in porch is best as you do not want wild birds coming into contact with her because of possible disease and parasites which wild birds sometimes have in abundance.

The weekend travel to cottage will be a wonderful thing for her. The first time, just take a cage out there you can leave if you have an extra one. Then, she can travel in a travel crate or a smaller bird cage if you have one or can get one. You can put a little water in there or an even better idea is to bake some sweet potato, let it cool, add a little water to it a small amount of it so that it is a little on the soupy, but not too wet side and put that into a treat cup for her for the trip. I do that with my Amazons if we are going any further than the vet. It provides both food and liquid for a longer trip, and mine love sweet potato as do most birds.

Your little bird will love spending the weekends with you. Just be sure to take plenty of supplies like food, toys and some bottled water so she does not become sick from drinking "different" water--they get used to water from one source, and a new water can make them sick just like us only worse because they are so small. Also make sure her cage is large enough so she feels comfortable in it for the weekend. You can actually take her regular cage unless it is too big to get into car along with everything else. Travel with birds is much like travel with babies--looks like we are moving to a new place even if just for a weekend!


Jun 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have never traveled with my bird, except to the vet so can't help you there.
I will say even though conures are tropical, they can overheat. They are able to get out of the sun in the wild, and can actually get to the point where they pant and start to dehydrate. I would be careful of a lot of direct sunlight.
You must also be very aware of any predatory birds in your area. I know of people who have had their cockatiel grabbed right off their hand by a hawk. I think the only safe way to bring a bird outside would be in a cage. ANd even a clipped bird can catch a wind current and be blown far out of sight. My parrots like to sit by the window screen in their cages, and are perfectly happy looking out and breathing the fresh air.

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