bringing home mature makaw

by jeff

we are 1st makaw owners and are bringing home a mature female. what is the best way to acclamtate her and have her feel comfortable?

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Dec 21, 2011
New Macaw
by: Anonymous

I think you will do fine with you new friend. Just remember, they are wild birds, respect them at all times. Key is to be informed about the breed you brought home, talk to other macaw owners. Each breed is different, remember that. They all require different things.

How much time can you afford to spend with them interacting? Is it enough?

THis is her first home? (my Grey was 3 when I bought her, but never owned, she lived at the aviary till I bought her).

Are you okay with your bird always talking and chattering? Some never stop talking.

How much time does her breed require outside of her cage?

Are you male or female? Birds tend to bond with a human of opposite sex, is this a problem for you?

Where to place her cage? ETC.

THese are things you should know. Be informed!

Your bird when you bring her home is stressed, make sure the room she is in is somewhat quite for a week, you may want to sit by her cage, and sing to her. All 3 of mine settled in quickly with my singing, even the abused one responded well to it. Don't force your bird to come out. They can bite. a scared bird, will bite!

Also! Be sure you have proper toys, once your bird is comfy take her around the house, tell her everything you're doing... Birds learn to speak from women and children before they will men. Simply bc of the emotion and pitches in thier voices that the birds like. Make sure once she's settled, that you slowly introduce new people to interact with her, like friends, family that lives outside the home. You dont want the bird to be phobic of new people.

Internet is always available, Use it. Get informed. And you should take your bird to the vet for a well check up. and once a yr after, unless something is obviously wrong, take her immediately. Birds wont tell you they're sick until they're dead on the bottom of thier cages.
Vets, for a well exam, really arent that expensive. (least mine is well more then affordable)

I wish you lots of luck and happiness with your new friend!

Dec 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Introduction is the key word, my friend has one you'll want to keep away from anything that she may destroy. Hers detroyed the curtains.Good luck to your new members

Dec 20, 2011
bringing home mature makaw
by: Linda

First of all, I hope you are experienced in handling the larger birds. If you are not experienced, this purchase was a mistake for you and for your bird. The larger birds have to be handled with care because they are able to inflict severe injuries from attacks. Being that all parrots are exotic wild animals, sometimes their behavior can be very unpredictable. Smaller birds are recommended for the inexperienced bird caretaker.

Since this is a hen who is older, how she behaves will depend on what kinds of homes she's already been in. If she was either abused, neglected or spoiled, your work is cut out for you. Now that you've made the commitment to bring her home, all your study will need to be aimed at taking the best care of her for a long, long time because the larger birds live up to 90-100 years with good care and quality food like Harrison's or Roudybush organic pellets.

In the first few days, she will need to be examined for infections or other physical issues before any kind of training or dietary changes. This exam is a must because a sick bird will not feel like doing anything, and the stress of a new home, new caretakers along with a past poor diet can kill her. So the Avian Vet is your first stop. Find an Avian Vet Then find books about your bird and use the vast amount of information to be found on the internet. Macaws need huge cages where they can freely spread their wings and flap without hitting anything in cage including sides of the cage.

I would not have sold you a larger parrot unless you were experienced because they can be dangerous to the untrained person and their family. The entire Macaw family wants to be part of a family, are friendly and loving, and this one will do the best she can. The rest is up to you, and throwing her away because you got more than you bargained for is NOT an option.


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