by Micaela
(Friendswood, Texas)

I will be bringing home a new GCC in about 8 weeks. I have a parrot who has been vet checked recently and all blood work and test came back excellent. The problem is that I know that you should keep the new bird in quarantine for a few weeks. The problem is I have not room to put the baby by itself. I plan to take it to get vet checked before I bring it home. How can I make this work? The baby comes from a reputable breeder who has a very good reputation. Thank you.

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Jul 08, 2009
Quarantine for new bird
by: The Vet

True quarantine is not possible in a single building, because it requires separate air space. Given that you have a healthy bird and you will have your new bird checked, assuming it is healthy too, you are at a much lower risk of passing anything between these two birds.

You should be safe putting them in the same room. However, you should not allow them to have physical contact, share toys or playgyms, share perches, food bowls or water bottle. You should also wash your hands between handling each bird.

Dr B

Jul 07, 2009
New Baby
by: Linda

First of all, congratulations on your new family member, and we wish you many happy years with your birds. If the bird you have now has been given a clean bill of health, and you are taking the new baby to the vet before it comes home, the only way it would need quarantine is if it has any kind of infection or parasite. Birds living in close quarters will usually get what the other has. So, if the baby tests clean and does not have any infections, quarantine would not be necessary in that case. If both birds are healthy, then you are a very lucky lady.

If your new baby does have any infections that need to be treated with meds, I suggest you ask the vet if they could keep him/her for a little while he/she is being treated, and then you could take your baby home. They usually just charge a boarding fee for this service if your vet does that. If your baby is still being handfed, be sure to provide them with what bird has been eating as well as how much and how often bird needs to eat. They would charge you more for the boarding in this event, but probably not too much. If Vet does not board birds or does not want to handfeed, maybe the breeder has a place where she can keep the baby until it is free from infection and ready to come to you. So, we are all saying a little prayer that your new baby is healthy, happy and can join the family very soon.

Please post pictures of your birds when you get a chance, and thanks for writing!


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