Broken Feathers on Cockatiel.

by Allison

Hi, I recently rescued a Cockatiel and have noticed that her blood feathers are breaking and falling out easily. Im just wondering what could be wrong? and if they grow back?

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Jan 08, 2011
Broken Feathers on Cockatiel.
by: Linda

With a bird rescue, there is no telling where they have been, what kinds of problems they've had out there and a poor diet goes without saying.

The first thing to do with a new bird and especially a rescue is to take them to be examined by an Avian Vet.They can have a variety of infections both viral and bacterial, pests like lice and internal parasites like worms, so a good going over is essential to give the rescued bird a good start.

I recomend feeding one of the organic pellets found on this site with Harrison's Hi-Potency being a good choice for a rescued and/or sick bird. Later, if you wish, you can step down to the regular Harrisons which is what my Amazons eat all the time or not. If bird becomes too hyperactive, then the Hi-potency may need to be stepped down or not depending on how bird reacts after it is all well and healthy again.

Here is a link about how to change from seeds to organic pellets, and we recommend organic to avoid preservatives, dyes, pesticide and fertilizer residue.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Thanks for writing in and especially a great big Thank You for taking this bird in as it surely would have died left on its own.


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