Broken finger nail on Quaker parrot

by Cody

i have a quaker bird and its whole naiil is cut off for some reason and i dont know what to do its bleeding and i put a bandage on its finger now its just standing there trying to hang on

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Apr 05, 2010
Broken finger nail on Quaker parrot
by: Linda

You will need to take your bird to an Avian Vet as this lost toenail may become infected if it's not already. As Tracie said, you must have some styptic powder or pads around at all times when you have birds. The powder or pads will stop the bleeding. Corn Starch will work too if you don't have the other, and you do need to get some of the right stuff as it works better than the starch.

Your bird tore his nail off, and now you need to find out how he did it. Look in his cage and see if you find blood anywhere. Birds sometimes get their toes stuck between bowls and cage or between perches and cage or something can be wrong with toys. ONLY USE THE C-CLAMP OR QUICK LINK HANGERS FOR TOYS AS SOME OF THE OTHER HANGERS ARE DANGEROUS. Also, make sure ALL toys are the right size for your bird to avoid swollowing small parts or getting caught up in a chain link that is too small. Chain links need to be large enough so they can get their entire foot out of it easily. Too small chain links is a common reason for birds pulling off toenails or entire toes. If you don't get busy and find out what happened here, it will happen again, and next time, the bird may bleed out before you get to him. If your bird flys all over the house, have Avian Vet trim his Primary Flight feathers, and these are the 6 long feathers at the end of each wing. Do not allow them to cut up any higher as this hurts the birds.Homes are dangerous places for little birds to fly freely around in, and accidents of all kinds can occur and usually do.

He needs to be seen by an Avian Vet because of possible infection and to see if he is okay after the blood loss. Birds only have a small amount of blood in their bodies, so the loss of a toenail this way can really hurt them if not kill them.Please take care of your bird as he depends on you to do that. He needs medical attention now, because this injury is probably going to become infected, and if left untreated, he can lose his entire foot and/or leg or his life.


Apr 05, 2010
Nail bleeding on bird
by: Tracie

Hopefully you were able to stop the bleeding. In the future, you should keep a Bird First Aid Kit on hand. You might purchase the Avian First Aid DVD also, so that you have clear instructions on how to deal with bird emergencies.

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