Broken leg

by Mary

My Budgies had 3 babies and the oldest one has just started walking out of the box but her mother went feral at her and threw her out of the cage and she fell down behind the wardrobe and went we tried getting him out but the draw came off the track and squashed her leg. It has gone purple and we it is broken above the knee we tried making a splint but it didn't work and I heard that taking it to the vet would be bad because apparently 90% of all sedations end badly and she also can't go back into the cage without her mother trying to kill her.

Please help Mary

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Oct 15, 2010
Bird broke leg
by: The Avian Vet

YOU MUST TAKE THIS BIRD IN TO SEE AN AVIAN VETERINARAIN IMMEDAITELY. Death under anesthesia is rare because of the advancements we have made in avian medicine. Your bird is suffering and needs medical attention. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SPLINTH THESE AT HOME! The bandage will only make it worse.

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Dr B

Oct 13, 2010
Broken leg
by: Linda

Please take your bird to an Avian Vet immediately if you have not already done so. Whoever told you such nonsense was ill informed and need to be told that. Yes, there are risks with anesthetizing birds especially young ones, but you have no other options here. Your baby bird will be crippled for life if this break is not set and casted immediately. In a few more days, the break will be set in place, and the bird will be unable to ever sit a perch or walk again, so DO NOT DELAY taking your bird to an Avian Vet.

As for the mother bird you spoke of, I would get all the babies away from her if you see even one more incident of violence as this is way beyond normal. If babies are too young to start weaning, you may have to learn to handfeed them baby parrot formula with either a spoon or syringe. Just keep an eye on things and do not breed this particular bird again.Parrots raised in captivity sometimes either don't feed their young or try and kill them, and this is not normal parrot behavior if they are in the wild. It is a direct result of human interference.

For now, this is a life threatening situation for your bird with the broken leg, and if the bone is completely shattered, follow the Avian Vet's instructions as to what you need to do. If the bone is completely in pieces, even setting and casting will do no good. Your bird is suffering immense pain at this time, so do not delay taking him to Avian Vet, and if there is no hope of fixing leg, be ready to allow vet to put your bird quietly and painlessly out of his misery. Allowing our beloved pets to leave bodies that are unable to heal and in pain is part of having pets in the first place. Never allow a living creature to suffer needlessly as this is called cruelty and is also selfish. Hopefully, your little bird will be fine after medical services are provided. I hope so with all my heart!

Just keep in mind that birds feel pain whether physical or emotional exactly as we do, and to allow him to suffer needlessly is not an option.Also, make sure the other babies are securely in their nest box because this could happen again. The mother would have killed this one if she hadn't accidentally knocked him to the floor.


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