Broken wing

by Mary Liddell
(Bauple QLD.)

A young scaley breasted loriket was found in our yard this morning and it is obvious that he has a broken wing. He is not stressed, has eaten some flower pollen and appears to be in good health. We do have several other types of birds on our 2 acer propertie. I was wondering what to do next. i am hesitante to take him to vet as they will want to put him to sleep. What can i do. Mary

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Aug 26, 2009
Lorikeet with broken wing
by: The Vet

Your only choice is to see an avian veterinarian. You can request that he not be euthanized, and continue looking for a Dr. that is willing to provide treatment. Fractured wings are not something that can be treated at home.

Dr B

Aug 25, 2009
by: Linda

Mary, he will need to be taken to an Avian (bird) vet in your area somewhere. His wing will need to be set and splinted so it can heal properly, and so he can fly once he heals. DO NOT TAKE HIM TO A REGULAR VET, JUST TAKE HIM TO A VET THAT TREATS BIRDS AND OTHER EXOTIC ANIMALS.

After he has been to vet, put him in a quiet place with clean water and food for him which you may need to buy at a pet store. Do as the vet says to do until his cast and/or splints are ready to come off. Then you can see if he is able to fly. If he is not able to fly, he will need to be taken care of by you, which means feeding and watering and protection from predators.


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