Brown headed parrot friend

Which birds lower in cost are compatible wit the brown headed parrot ??

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Feb 22, 2011
Friend for brown headed parrot
by: Tracie

If you are talking about a cage mate, there are no birds you can put in the cage right away, not even another brown headed parrot. They may fight and get injured or die.

Your bird might get along with a Senegal, but I don't know pricing where you are. It would be best to find breeders in your area, and then ask them what birds they have that might be compatible.

Start with the new bird in a separate cage. Then let them play together in a neutral place that neither bird sees as their territory. Be ready to grab one of them if they run to attack. (You may get a nasty bite, so be prepared.)

The birds may like each other soon, or may never like each other and will always have to live in separate cages. Make sure you are purchasing the bird for you, not the other bird, because it is YOU that will have to spend time with it, love it, clean up after it etc.

Thanks for writing!

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