brown thrasher bird looks sick

i'm a bird and animal lover and i feed the birds in my backyard daily. i have a very large flock of different birds that come and feed. i have notice for the last week a brown thrasher that wasn't quite acting right. the last few days he stays in one of my feeders that is open and eats and is always scratching his head and body. he is missing alot of feathers around his head and you can see the pink skin. he also looks like he might be missing an eye. His beak seems very long. i wish i could catch him and have him checked out. i'm concerned for the other birds if it is something contagious. He gets around pretty well and is eating and drinking. He does fly but not very strong.
I appreciate any advice and info.

have a great day

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Aug 31, 2009
sick wild bird
by: Linda

Dottie, while I feel as you do about our outside critters, there is not much one can do about the birds as they won't let you catch them. This bird may have parasites and be sick at the same time. Bird may also be old, and on its way out. I advise you to not worry too much about the other birds as they will either get sick or not, and probably not. Keep an eye on things, and if you see more sick looking birds, call your local wildlife agency and see if they might come out and trap a bird to see what could be wrong. Otherwise, just let nature take its course. It is heartbreaking to see wildlife with mites, ticks and even fleas on the deer, rabbits and all, and there is not much we can do except try and keep our own areas free of these pests.

God Bless you for caring and for even seeing this little bird as so many others would not have paid any attention to him! Thank You much for writing and hope bird gets well or goes ahead and passes on in peace. If he passes on, wish him God's Speed to his new place of peace and contentment.


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