This Brown Throated Conure started out wild.

Yvette shares how she made her Brown Throated Conure a hand tame bird.

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Life With Max My Brown Throated Conure

When I first got Max he didn't trust anyone ,if you put your hand in his cage you were going to get bit. He had the people at the pet store afraid to stick their hand in there were he was.

I knew this was the bird for me. I brought Max home and I put him in the bathtub, which was an unfamiliar place (with no water in the tub).

I told him to step up and he did onto a perch. At this point he still didn't trust being touched anywhere on him by hands.

I would put him in the shower with me because I didn't want to use a spray bottle. Because I didn't want him to not trust me, I have never used a spray bottle on him.

At bath time I say "Bath time Max" and he knows that means a shower. He just recently let me put him in the wash bowl in the bathroom for his baths, and he doesn't mind.

I put all his perches in his cage as low as I could. I put his food and water facing the door so when ever he ate or drank he saw me. I didn't put his cage on a stand of any kind, but on the floor next to my bed.

This way when he got on his perches and he looked up, he saw me. And when I stood up and he looked up, he realized I was a lot taller than he was.

At first he would not let me put my hand in his cage, but after I did these things I had no problems with him. I realized he wanted to be in charge and I was determined that he wasn't going to be in charge.

I did step up and down with him in the bathroom every day in the morning before work, when I got home from work, and before he went to bed at night. I kept this up for months, then when he figured out I wasn't going to hurt him he started stepping up on my hand.

I went to the pet expo and saw and spoke with the Bird Whisperer and found out some more behaviors I could do with max. I put him in the wash bowl in the bathroom because it was bath time and moved my fingers lightly up and down his back. Max found out for the first time what he had been missing. I did this every time I gave him a bath and even out of the bath. He loved it.

Now he will let me touch his back when before I could not. When I brought Max home, I put him on a pellet diet by Vital.zoo for small parrots, then the pet store told me they would no longer carry this brand of food.

Now this was the only food Max would eat. I explained to them that I had tried other brands, the Nutriberrie food the squares, the balls and he wouldn't eat them. I tried Zupreem and he wouldn't eat it, so I was very nervous when they told me to try Kaytee Exact for parrots and Conures.

I told them this food cost ten dollars and if he doesn't eat it I would be back the next day. I called them and max did eat it. I was so happy and so were they.

I have also trained him to drink out of a water bottle because he kept putting food in the opened water dish and I didn't want him to get sick.

I took him back to the pet store were I got him from because the owners wanted to see Max and they couldn't believe how tame he is. Of course he kept flying back to his mommy, that is me, because he is truly a mommy's bird. He likes my granddaughter at times because she insists on holding him, but he still flies back to me.

He loves his toys, ropes, his triangle perch, and any toy with wood or string hanging from it. If you have the patience and the time it is a lot of hard work, but it is also a blessing when they return the love.

At night, before bed time, Max gets orange juice and oatmeal. I heat it a little and he eats it and has a restful night sleep. At night he will give me kissing sounds before he goes to sleep and I make the kissing sounds back. Then he settles down knowing he is loved and safe.

Some nights when I tell him it is bedtime, he will laugh after he is covered up so I think he is practicing how to laugh. I say to him, "Max go nite, nite" and then he makes his kissing sound and I make the same kissing sound and he settles down and goes to sleep.

He does he also loves to play peek a bird. I sing to him and he dances and sways from side to side to the tune I'm a good bird, I am a good bird, I'm a good bird, my name is Max.

I would like to find a bird club that is in my area of Baltimore MD so that I can swap ideas for toys.

I don't know anyone else in my area that has a Brown Throated Conure or any kind of Conure so if you live in the Baltimore area and have a Conure please post.

Max is truly a loving wonderful bird my hard work payed off.

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