Bubble in Neck?

I have 4 baby cockatoos that I am handfeeding..I've been feeding for 12 years..while feeding the babies, an air sac appears in the side of their neck and gets bigger and bigger..it is almost to the point where it is restricting their intake..I put them on Baytril/Nystatin for 5 days but I cannot see any improvement at all??

Any help you can give me, would be appreciated.

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Jun 08, 2009
Feeding baby Cockatoos
by: The Vet

Baytril and nystatin (or any antibiotic) will not help this problem. You need to take them to see a veterinarian, it is often a surgical correction that is necessary to treat this condition. Please do not use antibiotics indiscriminately. We have too many antibiotics that do not work because of overuse. If these drugs were not prescribed by an avian veterinarian, then you should not be administering them.

If all of the babies in the clutch have this problem and they were all from the same pair, you should consider not breeding that pair again. Maybe repair them or stop breeding them because there is evidence that this is a genetic problem.

Dr B

Jun 07, 2009
Air in Neck?
by: Linda

If you are using a syringe, there should be no excess air in crop. In the old days, we fed with little spoons, and air would always become trapped in the crop and would have to be gently manipulated until they "burped" it out.

In this case, I'm afraid your birds are very sick. Please take them to an Avian Vet as soon as you can get them in there. It could be air, but it usually does not get this far up if they have gulped air during feeding. It usually stays in the crop and has to be "burped" out. What you are describing is not normal as I'm sure you already know.

This is an emergency situation as you are correct in that whatever this is will restrict their breathing shortly if it is not already doing that. Let the Vet see if it is trapped air or an infection.


Jun 07, 2009
Oh dear
by: Sandy

Stretched crop due to overfeeding - Feed more often with smaller amounts. Keep a close eye out for signs of 'sour-crop' (air in crop) and use Potent Brew every feed as a preventative action.When hand feeding, a bird should not be fed until the crop has been emptied. If a crop is not emptying and more food is put in, all you will be doing is feeding a possible infection and making things worse.Slow feeding, swallowing air with food - Increase the speed at which food is fed to the chick. If the food backs up into the chicks mouth, stop feeding until the chick has swallowed and cleared the mouth. Extra care must be taken when spoon feeding to ensure that the chick does not choke.
Forcing air into crop with syringe - Make sure that there are no air bubbles in the mixture. If necessary, pack the mixture down inside the syringe before feeding.
Fermentation of food in crop - Give Potent Brew directly to the beak. Also use in your hand-rearing food. Make sure that all the food in the crop has gone before feeding the chick again. If the crop is not emptying, it may need to be emptied.

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