Bubble on toe

by Cindy
(Waterford, Mi)

My old Love bird has a bubble on the end of his toe, where the nail meets toe. It bulges on each side. Kinda looks like a blood blister but flesh colored. It is tender. NO loss of appetite.

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Feb 27, 2012
Possible bumblefoot
by: Tracie

This sounds like bumblefoot, but you need to a href="http://www.parrot-and-conure-world.com/find-an-avian-vet.html" target="_blank"> Find an Avian Vet to examine it to determine if this is what you are describing.

Bumblefoot usually happens due to the bird being forced to sit on bad perches. You should be providing a variety of perches for your bird's foot health.

We provide Rope Boings and Perches along with some natural wood branches and a few Pedicure Perches.

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