Bubbles in poo

by aimee oneil

Hi, I have read as much as I can but cant seem to get much information.

Blue (African Grey) seems perfectly normal, is happy, chirpy, sleeping well, eating well, drinking well, up to usual antics including grinding his beak looking and sounding very content and happy, playing with toys and perfectly fine to handle, only problem is I have noticed bubbles in his poo and it doesnt seem to be clearing.

I have found a few references to clostridium but cant seem to make sense of any of it. Im based in the United Kingdom and having trouble locating a local Avian Vet.

Do you have any suggestions please as I dont want to sit on this for too long in case it is something that needs treating as a priority.

Warmest regards


p.s. Blue is approx 5 months old. The rest of his poo seem normal.

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Feb 20, 2009
Bubbles in bird poop
by: The Vet

Clostridium is a cause for bubbles in the poop. It can also be caused by some types of food, and other infections. You will need to find an avian veterinarian that can diagnose this problem and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Dr B

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