Budgee sickness

by Allana
(Qld Australia)

My Budgee had been unwell for a few days. I gave her some worm medicine but I don't know if it was too late or it wasn't the problem at all.

Her symptons were sleepy,losing weight but still eating and puffed feathers. The night before she died she had a clump of poo on her bottom, I cleaned it off her and the next morning when I woke she was on the bottom of her cage but still alive.

When I picked her up i noticed her beak had a smelly discharge as I stroked her she died in my hands.

Do you know what could have been her problem as I have a Canary, budgee and a Alexandra Parrot as well and don't want them to become sick too. They seem to be happy and healthy and are in all seperate cages.Thankyou

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May 05, 2010
Budgee sickness
by: Jacqui

It sounds like everything you have said points to COCCIDIOSIS.

when i started breeding budgies i had the worst luck with loosing them to this disease but now i never have any problems.

You need some medacine called "sulpher 3" and this can save their lives in an instant.. you mix it up with their water and ive had birds that woodn't have even lasted another hour survive on this...

here is a site that may hold more info.. i suggest you look at some info online and deffinatley talk to some1 at your local petshop or produce store but please make sure they know what they are talking about because they will try to sell you almost anything if they have no idea... i dont think a vet would be much help either...

Good luck.. hope this helps :)

Jan 23, 2009
Budgie died
by: Tracie

The only way to tell what she died of is if you have a vet run tests on your bird. I am sorry your bird died.

For future reference, in case you get another bird, birds hide their illness until they are very sick most of the time. If you notice your bird acting "off" then take the bird to an avian vet ASAP.

Also, take a new bird to the vet for a well bird visit and vaccination. That way you don't bring home a bird that has a disease.

Again, I am very sorry for your loss.

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