budgie babies

by Peace Bhamra

my budgies have 2babies 20days old. will the babies come out of the breeding box on their own? how do the learn to fly when in the cage? should i let them out of the cageto learn to fly? by when do the babies start eating on their own?

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Mar 13, 2013
budgie babies
by: Linda

They'll come out of the box when they are ready to wean. If they are healthy, they will come out and begin to eat on their own. If they are sick or otherwise physically compromiseed, they may never come out or they will come out sick and die shortly after that.

Your breeding cage has to be large enough to fly around in. If it is not, then you have to get a larger cage. Once babies are weaned, and you will see them eating regular amounts of feed plus mother will stop feeding, then they need to be pulled and caged separately. I mean, each baby has to have its own cage preferably large enough so it can spread it wings out and flap without hitting anything in cage. Do not allow any birds to fly around the house because birds can become injured or poisoned being able to get into places they have no business being.

The reason for putting babies into their own cages is to prevent them from breeding with each other or with their parents. This is called inbreeding, and it devastates the health of any birds forced into this situation. Since Budgies mature quickly, they have to be separated for their own health and well being.


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