Budgie Bald Patch

by Alex
(London, UK)

I recently noticed a bald patch appearing on the front of my female budgie and it was growing in size as the days went on. I was told that it was possibly mites, and so made an appointment with an avian vet.

He told me that it was probably not mites, but a brood patch, due to her being a year and a half.

He told me to continue using the HEALx/AVIx Soother Spray I had bought and gave her an injection he said should help with the itching.

His notes are as follows:

I saw Lightning yesterday (15th January) at my monthly clinic at Riverside Animal Centre, Beddington Park. She showed extensive feather-loss across her chest and abdomen, but with considerable new growth of fresh quills. The remaining plumage appeared perfectly normal, and I could see no evidence of parasitism. The companion bird is fully-feathered, and both birds live in Mr Taylor-Bradshaw’s bedroom, with no contact with either wild or aviary birds.

In my experience, this form of feather-plucking is associated with any one of a combination of factors, including a dry atmosphere; the itchiness of new growth during a moult; and hormonal influences at the beginning of the breeding season.

I have advised that the follow-up dose of Xenox be administered as already prescribed, just as a precaution. I have further advised that the owner increase the frequency of mist-spraying the birds with warm water, to prevent the feathers drying out. He should also increase their intake of animal protein to aid the growth of new feathers – in the form of a little cooked egg or egg-biscuit, or grated cheese. The patient was given a minute dose of Dexafort with Multivitamins by intra-muscular injection, to take away the itchiness of the new growth, and to also provide nutritional support for new plumage.

I have also noticed that she appears to have picked a small area on her side at the same height as her frontal patch.

Should I make an appointment to see him on Tuesday 12th February 2013, which is his next clinic as he is semi-retired. Or should I keep an eye on it and review it nearer the time?

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Mar 30, 2018
bald spot on budgie
by: Anonymous

my bird has bald spots on both of her wings in the same place but she acts like usual not like shes sick

Jan 22, 2013
2nd vet diagnosis
by: Alex

I took Lightning to the vets in London and he agreed with Dr B, and disagreed with the previous avian vet.

He stated that Dr Jones (other avian vet) obviously likes steroids.

He also stated the problems associated with dairy products and the dangers of too much protein in their diet.

Lightning was taken in to surgery and anaesthatised and a small hormaonal implant was placed in the left hand side of her chest area just under the skin.

He stated that he would prefer to use antihistmanines and presribed piriton 0.03ml to be given once or twice daily along with Flagyl S to be given once a day for 5 days. Both to be given orally through a small 1 ml syringe.

He stated that the implant will take approx 2 weeks to start working and at first she may pluck a little more before the hormones balance out.
I left happier ith his diagnosis, altjough it cost me just over $202 / £133.

The other vet charged just £38 for his treatment.

The vt ask dme to bring her back should she have any problems ith the implant or if things have not improved after a month.

Jan 21, 2013
by: Alex

Managed to find one in Central London. It will be a lot more expensive, and will be seen tomorrow.

Lightning is normally very alert all day, but this evening, she has her heard tucked in to her wings and is sleeping. She doesn't look well.

Jan 21, 2013
by: Alex

Dr B, I would geta second opinion from another avian vet, but he is the only one that does the surrounding areas.

I will try to find another.

Jan 21, 2013
by: Alex

Thanks. My birds have been on Harrison's pellets for a very long time (over 6 months).

I will have the re-examined.

Jan 21, 2013
Bird with bald patch
by: The Avian Vet

First let me say that you should nor feed your bird cheese as they cannot digest it. They are naturally lactose intolerant.

I do not think that this is molt related. Molting is not itchy and does not cause feather plucking behaviors. The other differentials are possible, like dry skin and maybe reproductive issues. I recommend that you have your bird seen again, maybe with a second opinion.

Dr B
Find an Avian Vet

Jan 21, 2013
Budgie Bald Patch
by: Linda

We have a perfectly balanced, high quality diet for birds right here. It is called organic pellets with Harrisons being the best and avian vet endorsed. Do not start with animal proteins or other additions to your bird's diet because this will cause massive dietary imbalances which will be reflected in their feathers, skin, bones and organs. It takes time to change birds from all seed diets to an organic pellet, and below is article defining how to go about it written by an avian vet. You would feed the very small size of the Harrison pellets for your Budgies.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

There are a couple of other organic pellets found here as well, and the benefits of organic is there are no preservatives, dyes, sugars or other dangerous chemicals added. The Harrisons' is a cold extruded pellet meaning no heat is used making them which leave pellets 100% high quality nutrition. All seed diets with or without additions are starvation diets and birds reflect this with physical health issues, behavior problems and early death. Feed only diets which are made expressly for birds, and you'll have healthier birds and less worry about them not to mention less vet bills.

Harrison's is found here, is endorsed and highly recommended by Avian Vets everywhere. Your avian vet may even have some, so do ask which would mean not having to pay shipping.

Thanks for writing,

Jan 21, 2013
Bald patch
by: Alex

I forgot to seperate the end of the vets report and what I have noticed.

The bald patch on the side is what I noticed. Since then I think I saw one on the other side too.

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