Budgie Behavior

I was recently given two budgies. They seem rather uneasy (scooting away from me as I approach the cage, not very active/playful, etc.), but I suspect that's normal because they're in a new environment, right?

One of the budgies has been acting rather erratically. She'll (I think it's female) squawk and flap her wings as she scuttles side to side along the perch, which slightly alarms the other budgie (male). She occasionally "chases" the other budgie away and seems a little territorial with the food.

Also, I noticed she constantly, "chews" at the air. Is this normal behavior? If not, what may be wrong with her and how can I help her?

Thank you.

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Oct 30, 2008
New Budgie Behavior
by: Tracie

Your Budgies are scooting away from you because they don't know if they can trust you yet. This is normal.

If these two birds have been sharing the same cage, then "she" is apparently the "boss" bird. You need to provide two dishes for food on different sides of the cage so that "she" can not keep "him" from eating.

What looks like "chewing the air" is the bird bringing up food from it's crop and eating it. They also have a habit of "spitting up" on their favorite toys and going to the bathroom by "squirting" outside the cage. This is also normal Budgie behavior.

You can usually tell if your Budgies are a male or a female if they are not a light colored bird like yellow or white. The boy will have blue above his beak and the female will be brownish-pink.

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