Budgie Behaviour - flapping wings

Hi, I was just wondering why my budgies hold on to their perch and then "fly"?; they flap their wings as if they are flying, quite rapidly, however they do not move as they are holding on to the perch firmly.

I tried letting them out of the cage thinking maybe they want exercise, but they just go right back into the cage.

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Mar 24, 2011
Bird hanging on to perch flapping wings
by: The Avian Vet

They are exercising.

Dr B

Mar 23, 2011
Budgie Behaviour - flapping wings
by: Linda

This is a bird's way of getting exercise right where he/she stands. Make sure there are NO obstacles bird can hit wings on inside cage and this goes for the larger birds as well. All cages should be large enough so a parrot can fully extend wings and flap without hitting anything around them. If your cage is smaller than this, you need to move them into a larger cage.

As for coming out and flying all around, this is dangerous and has been the death of many birds. Birds wings need to be clipped, by an Avian Vet, just the 6 long primary flight feathers on the bottoms of each wing is enough. This allows them to gently glide to the floor, but does not allow them enough lift to fly all over and get hurt or poisoned. There is also the chance of them flying out the door to starve outside or be killed by larger, wild birds or cats. Birds are like children all their lives, and children have to be protected, and so do our birds.


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