Budgie Claws

by Alex
(London, UK)

Hi, I have a question regarding the claws on my budgies.

I know that sanded perches are a no-no, but is there any way of keeping the birds claws in check or is the only safe option an avian vet visit?

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Jan 05, 2014
Budgie Claws
by: Alex

Thanks Tracie. I have looked at the product in the link, and an online pet store that I have used a few times has perches that look exactly like that.

Thanks for your help. I will certainly order some.

Jan 04, 2014
Budgie claws
by: Tracie

I don't know what is available in the UK, but I use the Sweet Feet and Beak Safety Perch at each water bottle and food dish to "file" their nails for them. I provide rope boings and natural wood perches elsewhere in the cage, so that they have other things to perch on.

I have not had to take my Bourke's parakeet or splendid parakeet for a nail trim at all. Here is a link so that you can see what they are about:

I used these for our conures and my mom's African grey and other bigger birds, and it delayed our need for nail trims, but the bigger the bird the harder it is to get them naturally filed down in my experience. I DID add extra trimmer perches to the the big bird's favorite toy spots, and that allowed me to just have the nails trimmed at their yearly appointment.

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