Budgie Constipation

by Amanda
(New York)

This was taken a few months back; not recent.

This was taken a few months back; not recent.

Hello, about two days ago I noticed my five-year-old budgie showing signs of constipation (constantly puffed up, picking and scratching at his vent with his beak and foot, sometimes a small, dark and moist piece of feces will be clinging to the feathers there before he takes it off).

At first I thought it was because I removed the seeds from his diet and left him with only the pellets and a Vitamin A supplement given to me by his avian veterinarian. He got much better after I gave him back his usual mix of seeds and pellets without the supplement. I sprinkled some of the supplement on his food again today (as prescribed on the bottle), and realized that he became constipated again. Am I giving him too much? Should I not give him the supplement at all? Your answer would be extremely helpful, thanks!

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Jun 12, 2010
Constipated bird
by: The Avian Vet

I do not know what the supplement it, but it is very easy to overdose vitamin A. You should call your avian veterinarian for specific dosage recommendation for the product you have. In my opinion it is not constipation. If you are trying to switch form seeds to a pellet diet, it is very likely that the symptoms you are describing are associated with not eating. You should not give supplements and pellets simultaneously. Your will overdose your bird on vitamin A and other nutrients.

Take the switching process more slowly with budgies because they will starve if they do not recognize the food. Please read the Switching Birds to Pellets article. Buy yourself a grams scale to monitor his weight too. The Sterling scale is a good choice.

Dr B

Jun 11, 2010
Budgie Constipation
by: Linda

If he is eating an organic pellet, specifically, Harrison's, you will not need to supplement him with any vitamins or minerals. Harrison's is cold extruded which means not made using heat which keeps all the vitamins and minerals in the food instead of in the hot water to be poured down the drain.

I would call your Avian Vet because the feces clinging to him sounds more like a bacterial infection that constipation. One of the signs of those kinds of infections is feces around the vent and tail area seemingly stuck, and this is because feces is too runny.

So, get back with your vet, and if he is NOT eating an organic, high quality pellet like Harrison's, it would be a great idea to start him on it. Tracie carries several kinds out here, and Harrison's is Avian Vet endorsed and approved, so you cannot go wrong.

Thanks for writing,

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