Budgie Escape

by Alex
(London, UK)

Yesterday, both my budgies got outside without me noticing, and eventually I caught one that landed on a path outside abslutely exhausted hours later, and I have had her checked out. The male budgie has not come back and was chased twice by a magpie.

I have not heard from him since ( yesterday I could hear him chirping in the trees), and his sister who I caught looks really depressed and is very quiet.

She ate first straight afterv I got her in last night, but I have not seen her eat at all today and it is evening now. (I have been with her most of te day to keep her company.)

Is there anyting I can do to make her feel better, as I feel that the male is not cming back?

Is not eating usual, or does she need emergency treatment?

P.S. I have contacted local animal shelters and charities and vets in case he is handed in.

I have an appointment with an avian vet for an annual check up on 31st, but if she is not eating, I am worried that she won't make it until then.

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Aug 04, 2012
Please accept my sympathy
by: CHaydel

My prayers go out to you and your birdies. It is so hard to lose them that way. One never stops blaming one's self.

I too had a close call. Cockatiel on shoulder. I was able to find her within a 2 hour period, and she actually flew to me after I risked my neck to get closer to her. Then, I just about kissed her to death.

Again, sorry for your lose,

Jul 27, 2012
good luck
by: Anonymous

Good luck Alex!

Jul 27, 2012
Budgie escape
by: Anonymous

You are lucky that you got one of your birds back. It's quite a shock to the system for a domestic bird to get outside and if she was out for a few hours, she is exhausted and terrified. Keep the vet appointment to rule out any injuries or illnesses. Give her some time and she should come back to being herself. You might be lucky and get the other bird back but if it's been more than 24 hours, it's unlikely you will. He could have flown farther away or fallen prey to other birds or animals.

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