Budgie: Excessive Liquid Waste with Interspersed 'Normal' Waste

by Jessica
(Poughkeepsie, NY)

I started feeding my four budgies Romaine and Red Leaf Lettuce(usually 1 leaf/day; began about 5 days ago) and noticed last night that they have frequent fluid waste but are still occasionally producing normal well-formed droppings. Normal droppings look perfectly fine but the excessive liquid worries me. Is this solely due to the high water content in lettuce? I do plan on providing other vegetables once I can get a hold of them (and convince the birds they are food).

They have been here about 2 months and were purchased from pet shops. No apparent socialization with humans prior to purchase. Birds are otherwise healthy in appearance and actions.

There is no local avian vet and the one we did utilize when one bird got sick did not seem to know what they were doing-roommate/bird owner suggested the problem based on internet research and the vet jumped on it "Yeah, that's what's wrong with him".

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Jan 05, 2012
Excessive fluid in bird droppings
by: The Avian Vet

I think that the excessive fluid in the droppings is from the lettuce. I recommend that you discontinue feeding any vegetables for a few days to see if the droppings correct. If the droppings become dry, then it is most likely caused by the lettuce. If the excessive fluid continues, then you should have them seen by a specialist.

Dr B
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