Budgie face and feather looks scruffy

My Budgie is one year old, and for the past week, I noticed the top of her head seems rough and her feathers are sticking out and looks like sticks, and her chest feathers look flat, lifeless with white showing through, almost as if she was dipped in oil or she has the appearance as if she is semi wet, her face looks the same way too. Her chest feathers does not look smooth and fluffy. Overall she is flying and eating and not showing any other symtoms.
Can you please let me know what this condition is, I have two other birds and I am worried that this could be contagious, I will be taking her to the vet next week.
thank you.

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Jun 25, 2010
Budgie molting
by: The Avian Vet

This is normal molting.

Dr B

Jun 22, 2010
Budgie looking scruffy
by: Tracie

From your description, it appears that your bird is molting. The "sticks" are the new feathers coming in. Your bird will need fresh water available to bathe in, to help soften the feather shafts. Your bird will likely be preening a bunch and may even be grumpy. Also, you probably see tons of white dust and dander around the cage, because this stuff falls off as they preen and reveal the feather inside.

Make sure you do NOT leave water in a bowl for the bird to bathe for more than an hour or so. Birds can get bacterial infections from bathing in and drinking dirty water.

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