Budgie food advice

by Alex
(London, UK)

Hi, I have 2 budgies who won't even taste fruit and veg even after a long battle. I browsed the web and found Lafeber's NutriBerres. They are cockatiel size, but under the bird's list is stated that these could be fed to budgies (in smaller quantities).

I would like to know whether trying them on these is worth a try.

Also, I found Nutrievo Optibird and was wondering if this could be given to them as a treat or mixed with the Harrison's pellets they are already eating and again budgie was on the lst for the small size "Crumlet".

It contains things like; wheat, corn, barley, potato protein, banana, pumpkin seeds, raisins, pineapple, papaya and cantaloupe.

If so, would it be a treat in a separate coop cup or mix with Harrison's.

Any advicde gratefully recieved.

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Feb 24, 2013
Budgie food advice
by: The Avian Vet

Yes it is worth trying. It is rare for budgies to eat fruit, and budgies generally only eat a few veggies if any. This is not uncommon and is not a concern. You should try switching them to pellets so they get a complete and balanced diet. Pellets should be 70% f their diet. Seeds should be 15% and 15% can be any other treats.

One reason birds in general do not eat new and different foods is because they do not recognize it as food. Try showing them that the new food is edible by eating or pretending eat it in front of them. Try a variety of foods, but offer the same food repeatedly until they try it. You can also put a mirrored dish in the cage to give them the illusion that another bird is trying the new food.

I am not familiar with the product mentioned. If it is a vitamin supplement it should not be used. If it another pellet, they can eat some, but it should not be more than 5% of the diet.

All the foods listed are fine. Always give other foods separate from the Harrison's.

Dr B

Feb 22, 2013
Budgie food
by: Alex

Thanks Linda. I will continue with Harrison's which they have been eating since I got one over a year ago and the other 6 months ago.

Tracie, thanks for the info, but luckly I have them on pellets already.

The products I asked about will not be given.

Feb 21, 2013
Feeding Budgies
by: Tracie

You should feed your budgies about 60% high quality pellets and about 40% healthy treats and seeds. Here are a couple of links for switching your birds to pellets and visit our Parrot Training page for more health and training information.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Switching Budgies To Pellets article

Feb 20, 2013
Budgie food advice
by: Linda

Lafaeber's products are nasty and dangerous to feed your birds. The chemical that makes them stick together is used in face creams and lotions and tastes like sugar. It is not a healthy diet for your birds, though they will become addicted to the taste of sugar and not eat anything else. Zupreem is another nasty, low quality diet, so stick with Harrisons and use the fruit and veggie mix only as a small amount of their diet as in treat foods a couple times a week.

Continue to feed Harrisons as the main diet, and if the other you mentioned is organic, feed only very small amounts of it with Harrisons being the main source of nutrition. There are also a couple of other types of organics found here you may want to look at and see if you can get into your country or find there already.

Harrison's is a complete diet with or without fruit and veggies, so it is not a real concern. Birds from the dryer climates do not eat much fruit and veggies. Birds with clean faces like the Macaws eat a lot of fruit, and even they will do fine on a complete, high quality diet like Harrisons.

Harrisons also makes a very tasty (to the birds) bread mix into which you'll add Sunshine Factor's Organic Red Palm oil found here, water and two whole eggs. The oil is cold pressed and the best oil for birds on the market. This bread mix comes in 3 flavors found here or if you can't get them into your country, it sounds like you can also find Harrisons' products there.If no other additions are put into the bread mix--just what I mentioned above, it can be up to 30% of the diet, and the base is the Harrisons' pellet ingredients.

Thanks for writing, and keep your birds on the Harrisons as their main diet because it has everything they need and then some.


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