Budgie has a bad foot

by mr r taylor
(consett co/dutham)

my budgie has a bad foot he will not close it on the perch. when i looked at it i can see two small red markes thet look like they could be sores. i thought he had broken it at first.he is eating and drinking as norma and climing around his cage ok.
i dont knoww if it just the sores or some think more.i have cleand his foot and put some wound powde on it.is there any think more i can do or will i see if gets better.he was ok when i went out but when i came back 2 hours later he was like this.could it be that it is just two sores that is stoping him useing it propely to stand on and grip the perch ?.

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Jun 30, 2008
Budgie with bad foot
by: The Vet

You need to have this seen and treated by an avian veterinarian. Commonly bid get a lesion called bumblefoot or pododermatitis. This is caused by poor diets (seed) and improper perches. Proved your bird with a variety of perches including a pedicure perch to sleep on, a couple of different natural branches, and a rope perch.

You should be feeding him a pellet diet which should make up about 70% of his diet. The remainder can be any treats. Harrison's is the best choice for pellets.

Foot injuries of any kind are painful and should be taken care of immediately.

Dr B

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