budgie health

by Aisha

For the last cople of days i have noticed that my budgies feathers on top of his head and top of his beak are fluffed up constantly I havent noticed this before also when i approach to go near it and to talk to it my budgie tilts the head to one side. Is my budgie ill do i need to take it to a vet?

Please help me as i am worried.

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Jan 14, 2010
Budgie health
by: Anonymous

Yes The feathers on top of his head and beak are have been fluffed up for one week constantly. It is eating and drinking normal and is active as normal. No it hasnt lost weight. Yes the feathers on the other part of his body does fluff up when i go near the cage. And yes its diet contains 80%

Jan 13, 2010
clarification needed
by: Tracie

Dr B will need more information before being able to answer your question. Even with more information, however, he may not be able to tell you if your bird is sick because he can't see the bird and examine it. All birds should be seen by an avian vet yearly for an exam and vaccination.

Is your bird fluffy all the time?
Is it eating and drinking as usual?
Has you bird lost weight?
Is your bird less active than normal?
Does your bird only fluff it's feathers when you come near the cage?
What is your bird's diet, is it eating 80% healthy pellets?

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