Budgie is always sick.

by Julia

I have a 1 1/2 year old female budgie. Since we got her she has been on some sort of medication. She's been on enroflixin, clavamox, amphotericin b, diflucan and sulcrate. I may have missed a few. If she is not on the diflucan she has seeds in her droppings. But now recently she has been on medicine and she then starts vomiting which we give her metocloprimyde.

We have been to our avian vets at least once a month, she had two X-rays which showed a slightly large proventriculus. Blood test came back with elevated white blood cells. I know this is a lot but anything comments or feedback would be great.

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Mar 01, 2012
Budgie not getting well
by: The Avian Vet

With this many treatments of Amphotericin B there should be no more AGY in there. In my opinion you need to be looking for another cause for this problem. It is time to do x-rays and maybe a barium series. I think you need to some blood work, too.

There are no herbal remedies that I can recommend. There may be some that have been tried but I have not read about it in any of my journals. However, Dr. Susan Orosz is an expert in holistic treatments, and she may be able to assist with that. http://birdexoticpetvets.com/

Be sure to provide heat and supportive care during the flare ups.

Dr B

Feb 28, 2012
Another Question
by: Julia

My little budgie has been treated twice in the last year with Amphotericin B, each time for 30 days.She has been tested negative for AGY by PCR test of fecal collections gathered daily for one month. If we are dealing with AGY then why have the treatments failed? I ensured exact oral dosage at precice intervals as directed. Are there any other effective herbal anti-fungal options which could be safely given longer term? What about grapefruit seed extract?, garlic?, oil of oregano?, pao d'arco?
I must try something. She has flare ups about once per month which include vomitting, fatigue, and bacterial infections, but I always get her back on track with a regimen of meds, hand feedings, and lots of love. Her weight and energy go back to normal after these bouts, but I would love to give the poor little girl a normal life.

Feb 22, 2012
Bird not getting well
by: The Avian Vet

The symptoms are consistent with and I think that your bird may have Macrorhabdus ornithogaster (avian gastric yeast, was called megabacteria). Amphotericin B is the best treatment, but it generally takes 30 or more days of treatment. To get results. Sometimes this disease cant be treated successfully. I recommend that a crop flush and Gram’s stain be done on the flush. If you are not seeing an avian specialist, then you should find one for a second opinion.

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Dr B

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