budgie losing too much feathers


My budgie is gowing through his first molting season and i am just wondering whether he is losing too much feathers because his tail feather has fallen out and now some wing feathers are coming out to. Is this normal? Also i am having trouble taming him, he gets on my finger just fine but i cant seem to ever pet him or play with him he just keeps running away. Ive had him for 3-4 months now and he just isn't getting any tamer. Any advice?


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Dec 15, 2012
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by: Anonymous

Hello, first, all budgies lose their feathers. You should be worried If its not losing many feathers. It's running away from you because it feels you are going to harm it. I have had much experience with budgies since I have had 28, soon to be 29. Budgies are very sensitive when they are fully naked. So I would advice you not to try and pet them when their feathers have fallen out.


Happy budgieing!

Feb 13, 2010
leave them alone!
by: Anonymous

look you are all taking your budgies way too seriously. I have two and they are just fine. Stop fretting about them. They molt they lose feathers They run away because they don't like you and they want you to leave them alone. so don't cry over it and panic. Just feed them and give them water. Just look after them. Budgies weren't made to entertain you. Be a good owner and let them do what they want to do!

Sep 27, 2009
this is an awnser to the person who wanted to know why there budgie ran away from them
by: Elisse

well hi if your budgie starts to run away from you or flys to another person hes telling you that he wants some space and is getting sick of you DONT WORRY MY BUDGIE DOES THE SAME THING just let him stay were he flys to and just you give him space that way you know hell start to get jealous that your not playing with him and start coming to you i know this cas my budgies a pane in the but and never spends time with me well he does alot but sometimes he doesnt really like it ive got the same type of budgie and i know also this cas i wasnt playing with my budgie but he started squaking so i lifted the cage door up and he flew straight to me just leave him for a couple of days and hell start getting jealous i know im oly nine but i know alot of stuff about budgies!>

Oct 06, 2008
Re: Budgie losing too much feathers
by: Kralice4u

If your budgie is going through a molt, losing many feathers can be normal at times.
I have a Budgie that lost all of his tail feathers during a molt, but they grew back.
As far as him running from you:Perhaps it is because he is molting. I do know that the feathers tend to be sensitive during this time.
To tame any bird often takes time and patience.
Try increasing the time that you are handling him. I have a Budgie named "Blue Boy" that it took me what seemed like forever to tame because he belonged to someone else before I got him. He just was not used to allot of human contact.He would nip at my fingers and scream like crazy when I picked him up. I just continued to take the nips and kept on loving on him.
One day he bit my bottom lip and I thought I would never get his beak opened to make him let go. (lol)
Now I can not keep him off of me!
He is not as cuddly when he is molting, but I still make sure that I handle him and spend allot of time with him during this time.
Just make sure you continue to monitor him to make sure there are no underlying problems.
Be patient with him. It make take day, weeks, or even months to tame him.
I wish you the best of luck.

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