Budgie neck feathers

by E. J.

Is my neck missing too many feathers, doc?

Is my neck missing too many feathers, doc?

Hello! I'd like to know if my budgie could have mites or some illness, please. He has a patch of missing neck feathers, and I believe that he is molting now (but he has some companions, and perhaps it is them?) - but he's never lost so many in a single spot!

He's about 3 years old, and acting just fine. Eating, drinking is normal. But he IS eating more eucalyptus than usual. I read it's good for their immune systems, so that troubles me.

He's got a ton of toys and a big enough cage to frolic in with his buddies. The naked spot is only visible when he is moving, and it is a dark pink sort of color.

He doesn't seem to be picking at it himself, but maybe I am mistaking plucking for grooming?

I'm really worried about him, and am calling an avian vet tomorrow that the kitty's vet recommended.

Thanks so, so much for providing this service online. Hope you can shed some light on this for me.

Best, E.J.

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Mar 24, 2012
by: Bird Expertise:-)

Your bird is simply losing feathers. The dark pink on the neck can just be its skin. I have a white periwinkle budgie. I've had a lot of birds in the past. I know enough about them. The periwinkle budgie has the same thing. Don't worry, it'll grow back. If it doesn't, consider the vet.

Mar 24, 2012
Vet or answer
by: Bird Expertist :-)

You could take him to the vet.Thats the best thing. But if u want my advice, sometimes if u have two of the same gender, they tend to fight. Maybe one attacked him and left a bruise or something. If u have 2 of the same gender, it's probably the case.

Nov 10, 2010
let me guess take to the vet!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

We all know to take animals to the vet. However, I do not go to the dr with my kids the minute I see a runny nose. If this site will not give any advice other than "take them to avian vet" then is there a site somewhere that might. I can go to webmd for humans to get advice and then make decision on whether to go to the dr with my kids. where is that for birds? thanks

Feb 12, 2009
Budgie neck feathers
by: The Vet

This does not look like mites. It could be behavioral plucking, but that is rare in budgies. He is plucking over his crop which could indicate a crop infection. I recommend that you take him to see an avian veterinarian for a work up, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr B

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