Budgie not playing with any toys after 2 months

by ash
(toronto, ontario)

Hello, we've had a our budgie Pekka for just over two months and she will typically stay in the same spot all day (poops all in one spot under the cage) and I have yet to see her play with any toys. She is quite comfortable with us-we can hold her, kiss her and pet her tummy, feed her from our hands, etc. She will sometimes speak but not often.

We were wondering if this could be a sign of illness. We had her in to see a specialist vet a week ago - found out she had some metal poisoning and we continue to give her antibiotics. She is a lot better however she still looks like an inactive and depressed bird. Any suggestions?


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May 13, 2013
thanks-will do
by: ashley

Thanks for your comment,

the antibiotics finish this weekend so if she is still not playing around then we will take her in for sure.
She does love car rides and gets a bit more active during them!

May 13, 2013
Budgie not playing with any toys after 2 months
by: Linda

You mentioned metal poisoning. This sounds like lead or zinc poisoning, so make sure your cage is safe or she will never recover. Most bird cages are made in China at this time, and you have to make sure levels of lead and zinc in the powder coat paint are safe.

Your bird is sick at this time, so you cannot expect her to feel like playing with toys. Once she gets well, she will play. Make sure she is seen by an Avian Vet only because other vets do not have the training to take care of birds and lead/zinc poisoning takes more than antibiotics to get it out of a body.


May 12, 2013
Budgie not playing with toys
by: Tracie

Birds that don't feel well may not play with toys. Antibiotics sometimes make birds feel not so great, even though they are helping the bird with their illness.

This is really a question for your avian vet, because only your vet can see the bird and run tests to make sure that it is sitting still because it is healing and not because it needs more medical attention.

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